About Us

Durga Mahavidyalaya, we shall provide is quality education, good and clean atmosphere and beautiful campus conductive for interactive learning. We strongly are of this opinion that in addition to acquisition of professional expertise, it is equally important to enhance moral and ethical foundation of the students to better serve the society. For all, the students are encouraged to do internships, project works, debates, seminars, classes etc.

The Durga Mahavidyalaya is situated at Post : Khaspur, District Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh). We have an impressive infra-structure, unmatched expertise. In the light of immerging professional requirements this Durga Mahavidyalaya trains the students by exposing them. Our overall motive is to make our students socially relevant and professionally sound and unmatched.

We would like all the aspirants to visit the campus of Durga Mahavidyalaya enabling them to crystallize their thoughts in selecting the right and best institution of selected course for realizing their ambitions. We wish all our students a very successful academic year.

Durga Mahavidyalaya is an institution established with the goal of imparting quality higher education to the youth of India, inculcating in them a sense of public service and responsibility towards the society.

Durga Mahavidyalaya seeks to contribute towards building a more inclusive and equal society by training for students in selected and preparing effective Courses for tomorrow.